• Cervo Volante
  • Dinosauro
  • Serpente
  • Granchio
  • Polipo
  • Squalo
  • The design… first of all
  • The power… otherwise it’s unuseful to you
  • The speed… for your profit
  • Multipurpose… and you’re always ready
  • Carry and clean… you’ve finished
  • The well deserved break… go to sea and tear to pieces
  • HSS
    Scrap shears
  • HPS
    Plate shears
  • HAS
  • HCC
    Demolition Crushers
  • HCP
    Fixed pulverisers
  • HRP
    Rotating pulverizers
  • EMG
  • HMG
    Hydraulic magnets
  • HMF


Nouvelles Materies Premieres 2013

Nouvelles Materies Premieres 2013

  LGR Srl attended also t...

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LGR was founded by experts in the material recycling and construction of industrial demolition equipments.

It plans and realizes efficientreliable and durable demolition equipments, and through its experience it contributes to the more and more fundamental sector of recovery and recycling.

LGR avails itself of the work of highly specialized technicalcommercial and accounting personnel, which generates creative wealth and company competence, expressing an inexhaustible source of suggestions for the improvement and for the executive rationalization.

Thanks to the use of the three-dimensional CAD design, to the continuous planning innovations and the use of the best materials, we grant high quality products.